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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has revealed the release date of its upcoming PS4 exclusive horror title Until Dawn and it's not really what you'd expect. Instead of aim for a Halloween launch, like many other horror games over the years, the interactive slasher tale will be in US stores on 25 August and in the UK three days later.

Until Dawn has had a chequered past considering it was originally intended for the PS3 and using the Move controllers, but it has been reworked from the ground up for the PlayStation 4 and now it is more about the narrative path rather than motion gimmicks.

A new trailer has been released to coincide with the release date announcement and it also reveals another famous actor joined the cast (which includes Heroes' Hayden Panettiere). The extraordinarily hard-working Peter Stormare (Prison Break, Fargo, Minority Report) is now involved, although not as one of the perilled youngsters you control.

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It is they who are central to the plot and theme of the slasher horror story, as whether they each live or die during the game is entirely dependent on the choices you make during interactive sequences.

The game plays out as part movie, part adventure, but from the brief section we played a few months ago it will neither be easy nor a gentle ride. Indeed, it will provide more than a few major shock moments, and have owners "bricking it" as we say around these parts.

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We'll see more of Until Dawn at E3 in a few weeks. Until then, enjoy this tantalising clip.

Writing by Rik Henderson.