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(Pocket-lint) - Sony is soon to completely shut down PlayStation Mobile and any games that were purchased and haven't yet been downloaded will be completely unavailable.

The company had previously, in August last year, announced that it would no longer be supporting the Android version of PlayStation Mobile, leading to the service being withdrawn for Lollipop device owners entirely. Now it has revealed that the service will be closed down for PS Vita owners too.


Sony will stop publishing PS Mobile content on 15 July and as of 10 September, that section of the store will be removed and discontinued. Any PlayStation Mobile games previously ordered will no longer be available for download, although previously downloaded titles will continue to be available to users on their devices.

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Developers of content on the service are being encouraged to develop for PS Vita and PlayStation TV instead. Many have already made that switch.

Ironically, as Sony cans one PlayStation service, it will be expanding and rebranding others as the company believes that its future lies in the PlayStation brand. It will be closing Music Unlimited in two weeks time - on 29 March - and relaunching a streaming service as PlayStation Music in partnership with Spotify.

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Other services will appear under the PlayStation banner too.

Writing by Rik Henderson.