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(Pocket-lint) - Those of you who are itching for some new PS4 tricks will be happy to hear you can beta test the console's upcoming software update.

Here's the deal: according to an alleged screenshot of a Sony email, which is popping up on NeoGAF, Polygon, and all over Twitter, Sony is currently developing the PlayStation 4's next software update, and for the first time, is allowing some users to test the software before the company rolls it to everyone. In order to try the software, you must be a participant in the PlayStation MVP ambassador program.


After applying to join the program (here), you'll need to opt-in to beta test version 2.50 of the PS4 software. If Sony deems you eligible, you will receive a message via the PlayStation Network, along with a voucher to download the new software. The testing period is open until 9 March, but until then, you'll have access to all the latest PS4 features, including a new low-power "rest mode".

The rest mode will allow you to power down the PS4 while playing, and then it'll let you resume right where you left off, while another feature will bring the ability to use Share Play at 60 frames per second (up from 30fps). These are tweaks that will undoubtedly make gamers happy as well as validate their decision to buy a PS4, a system that has received only a few updates - adding things like PS Now - since launch.

Twitter: cnpalmer75it looks like sony is letting gamers beta test the playstation 4 s next software update image 2

It's unclear when the final software update will go public after this beta test, but some reports are pointing to springtime.

Writing by Elyse Betters.