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(Pocket-lint) - During the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Frontier Developments announced that it would be bringing its PC hit Elite: Dangerous to Xbox One later this year, which was huge news for owners of the Microsoft console, but less so for PS4 fans.

At least until Frontier's CEO David Braben announced on his Twitter account that it would be coming to PlayStation 4 eventually - the Xbox One version is a timed exclusive for Microsoft. He also revealed that Apple Mac owners will get a version of the game that has been available for PC since the end of 2014.


"Mac of course, then down the line we will support more, including PS4. The XB1 is a timed exclusive," he wrote in reply to a question about future formats.

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After the Xbox One announcement, Braben also confirmed that the console version of the game will be as close to the huge PC edition as possible. There will be few compromises regardless of being restricted to a gamepad.

"Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One will be the complete and authentic Elite: Dangerous experience. It will not be 'dumbed down'," he claimed in the Frontier forums.

"We'll be working with an all-new audience, but that doesn't mean a change in direction for the game, and nor does it mean slowing development on the PC version. The second of our updates - Wings - is being beta tested by some of you right now, and the third will be coming in the spring, free of charge. We'll be talking more about the third major update - Powerplay - soon."

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Writing by Rik Henderson.