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(Pocket-lint) - You'll never believe how much someone in Japan just paid for a PlayStation 4. Admittedly it was the elusive PS4 20th Anniversary Edition which is no longer available to buy through regular channels. And it was number 00001 in the production line (of the 12,300 made). But would you pay £84,900?

That's the final amount the auction of the first in the limited edition line raised by Sony for charity through the online auction of the console. Well, 15,135,000 yen anyway. It was certainly more than the company expected, even in its wildest dreams.


"We appreciate all who participated in the auction and are surprised at the highest bid price, which was higher than our expectations," said a Sony spokesman to the Wall Street Journal. Most of the 20th Anniversary versions of the console that have been placed for auction on the Japanese Yahoo auction site before have raised around 100,000 yen (£560), so even though the numbered console in this case is extra special, almost £85,000 is a staggering amount of money to raise.

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Once the winner has paid Sony the full amount the company will be donating the entire sum to charity, plus adding a matching gift itself.

The PS4 20th Anniversary Edition consoles were originally created to celebrate PlayStation's 20 years of existence. The console is the exact colour as the first PlayStation released and Pocket-lint gave two away in a competition just before Christmas. Don't you wish you'd entered now?

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Writing by Rik Henderson.