As part of its apology to all PlayStation 4 and 3 owners for the PlayStation Network being down over Christmas, Sony promised codes for everybody to use to get a 10 per cent discount off digital content sold through the PlayStation Store. And now here they are.

The hack attack undertaken by a group calling itself Lizard Squad, rendered PSN inoperable over the Christmas period, the time when new owners will have most wanted to download the games bundled with their machines. Multiplayer games were also unavailable to play during that period, and although it wasn't strictly Sony's fault, the company has offered the discount for this weekend only as a "sorry" to all PlayStation gamers.

Available from 9am GMT today to 9am GMT 26 January, there are individual codes per region, so make sure you enter the right one. There are exceptions as to what they can be used for; you can't use the code for PS Plus subscriptions, Music Unlimited, rental video content (just full purchase), or through a PS Vita, PlayStation TV or PSP. However, you can purchase content for the Vita or PSP through the normal webstore online.

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The 10 per cent works with other sale prices, adding to the discount.

The code you need to enter at checkout is T6R3KB529K for the UK, C4EFQJ4KFB for Irish PS3 or PS4 owners.

Codes for other regions are available on Sony's European PlayStation blog.