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(Pocket-lint) - Ed Zarick, the console modder behind the PlayBook 4 and XBook One gaming laptops, has struck gold with his latest effort; a 22-inch laptop that combines both a PS4 and Xbox One in the same device.

Like the PlayBook 4, which Pocket-lint featured last October, the PlayBox has a 22-inch 1080p Vizio screen and a custom-built base that contains the console innards. However, this time he's managed to split the consoles to left and right sides, each feeding the same screen and only requiring one power cord.

Only one of the Xbox One or PS4 can be powered at any time and there are no USB ports for the Xbox machine - at least accessible from the outside. However, both can be fed by Ethernet for internet access and there is an HDMI out port to plug the whole thing into an external, larger TV.

At present Zarick's PlayBox is a one-of-a-kind device, having been made for a specific customer to order. He will consider additional units for interested customers who need to contact him via his website, but each unit will cost "substantially more" than the normal XBooks or PlayBooks he sells.

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Considering they cost around $1,500 (£988) each - including the console - you'll have to be seriously interested in the combo device.

Zarick has also built a prototype laptop containing both an Xbox One and Xbox 360. That's not for sale however.

Writing by Rik Henderson.