Ever since Sony launched its PlayStation Now cloud gaming service in beta form in the US there have been gripes about the prices. Initially, the 150 plus PS3 games it gives access to could only be paid for on a rental basis.

However, it has been revealed that the service will soon switch on the subscription program, as promised a while back.

Starting 13 January, gamers can pay for an all-you-can-play monthly package, which provides more than 100 PlayStation 3 games to be played as often as they like. It includes archive and more recent hits, from games like the original inFamous up to The Last of Us, all streamed in 720p over an internet connection.

The only slight disappointment is that the monthly fee is higher than some had expected. Sony is charging $19.99 (around £13) per month or $44.99 if you pay for three months at a time. That's considerably more than cloud gaming rival OnLive, for example, which charges £6.95 a month for access to more than 250 PC games. That said, much of the OnLive library are very old titles, and the PlayStation Now catalogue can be played from an existing console without the need for a separate client.

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The UK will be getting access to the PlayStation Now service later in the year and we assume the beta will launch with a subscription service for Brits off the bat.

PS Now can be accessed through PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PlayStation TV and select Sony Bravia and Samsung TVs. Sony will be releasing apps for the service for other platforms too, including iOS it is believed.