Sony has apologised for the down time of its PlayStation Network over the Christmas period, even though it's not technically the Japanese company's fault. And to make up for the inability to use PSN or the PlayStation Store over the holiday, it is gifting every PlayStation Plus member five extra days added to their subscription.

Even those who don't subscribe to PS Plus will get something. Sometime later in January, Sony will gift every member of the PlayStation Network a 10 per cent discount voucher to use on anything bought from the online store as a one-off code. That will work with multiple items as long as they are all purchased at the same time.

"Hi everyone, happy new year! Since access to PlayStation Network was impacted during the holidays, we wanted to show our appreciation for your patience by offering all PlayStation Plus members that had an active membership or free trial on 25 December a membership extension of five days," the company says on the European PlayStation Blog.

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The Lizard Squad DDoS attacks took down both the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live over the Christmas week, leaving owners consoles including the PS4 and the Xbox One unable to download any bundled digital games, buy new ones or play network titles. This was especially hard on those who received the consoles as a Christmas present.

It has since been claimed that Lizard Squad carried out the attacks not for political means but for profit, as at least one member has claimed the systems used for the hacking spree are for sale to the highest bidder.

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