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(Pocket-lint) - Sing hosanna! The PlayStation Network is finally fully functional again after the Christmas console hack attack, allegedly carried out by the group calling itself Lizard Squad.

The original hack targeted both Sony's PlayStation online service and Microsoft's Xbox Live, dramatically disrupting both over the holiday period and preventing owners of consoles from both manufacturers from accessing any online activities. That included new owners who were gifted their PS4 and Xbox One consoles over Christmas, only to find that they couldn't download games or essential system updates.


Lizard Squad has since announced that it has stopped the attacks and will no longer target either service, resulting in both now being online. Many functions and features of Xbox Live came online soon after but the PlayStation Network has taken a bit longer. It is now full operational however.

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Some are suggesting that this is not because of the endeavours of Sony's technical team but simply a result of what was though to be DDoS attacks ceasing.

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In an interview with the hacker group, YouTube channel DramaAlert asked, "You’re not going to be attacking Xbox and PlayStation anymore, Lizard Squad, correct?"

"That's correct," came the reply.

Lizard Squad also made claims over the Christmas week that it would make FIFA Ultimate Team packs free to acquire in Electronic Arts' games. It is not known at present whether that was successful.

Writing by Rik Henderson.