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(Pocket-lint) - Although Sony is yet to add home media streaming to its PlayStation 4 console you can now stream your video files from a PC or network storage to the new gen machine. Plex has released a dedicated app for PS4 and PS3 that works with the company's server installed on a computer or compatible NAS drive.

The Plex apps for PlayStation work in much the same way as the versions for Xbox One and Xbox 360 launched earlier this year, with content rich metadata, covers and information turning your home media into a Netflix-style service. Unlike the Xbox One version though, as this app is currently in preview mode it isn't quite so far down the line in terms of features.

Movie trailers were recently added to the version for Xbox One but are missing on the PS4 at present. The PlayStation apps are also only initially available in the UK, Europe and most of Asia. A US version will "happen in the near" future, claims the company.

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In addition, support for music, photos and channels will follow sometime in the future.

ps4 finally gets home video streaming but from plex not sony image 2

The app is just for Plex Pass subscribers also at the moment. It is therefore a free download from the PlayStation Store but a Plex Pass at either $4.99 (£3.18) monthly, $39.99 yearly or $149.99 for a lifetime's subscription is needed.

Like with the Xbox One, Plex plans to introduce a paid version of the app for PS4 for non-Pass members eventually.

Writing by Rik Henderson.