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(Pocket-lint) - Earlier this year we published fan made pics taken from within the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 that made us lick our lips in anticipation of the new-gen editions arriving. They looked so good that we wondered how PS4 and Xbox One GTA 5 could improve on the visuals. We now have our answer and simply "wow".

GTA 5 for PS4 and Xbox One has hit the headlines mainly for its first-person mode, which is an excuse to play the game through even for those who finished the last generation version. However, the graphical presentation has also been ranked up to 11. It is a simply stunning game which is quite obvious when you look through the gallery below.

As before, Rockstar has implemented the Snapmatic feature in the new-gen versions of the game and that has prompted the community to hunt around for the best spots in the title where they can take stunning in-game photos. Indeed, some of the leaders of the craft last time around have upgraded their games to get even better shots. They are then posted onto the Rockstar Social Club for all to enjoy.

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We've collected some of the very best available right now. There will be others no doubt, after all the game has only been out a matter of days, but we can already see some masterful framing and a keen eye for what looks great. We've also credited each picture with the username of each snapper, so you should check out their profiles on the Rockstar Social Club page yourself. Enjoy.

Writing by Rik Henderson.