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(Pocket-lint) - If you've ever had the urge to take a PS4 on holiday with you or couldn't tear yourself away from The Last of Us Remastered long enough to take a train journey there's a solution for you; you can have it turned into a gaming laptop.

Yep, that's exactly what Ed Zarick is offering. Having already created an XBook One, he's turned his modding skills to the PlayStation 4 and created the PlayBook 4. It is a PS4 laptop and can be yours for $1,395 or $1,095 if you provide the console yourself.


The shell is made of laser cut acrylic and 3D printed elements and comes with a 22-inch 1080p LED screen (fashioned from a Vizio TV). You can also have a HDMI port included for an extra $50 so it can still be used as a home console too.

There's only one issue for true portability, the PlayBook 4 doesn't come with a battery so much be plugged into a wall socket to work (and an American one at that, or through a converter).

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As many of the elements are 3D printed, including the corner pieces and buttons, you can have them in different colour options. They don't come with a Sony warranty though, as that is invalidated when the original casing is discarded. But because there are no further modifications, the laptops will work with PlayStation Network.

Zanick is also willing to talk to international buyers about shipping and any additional costs.

His XBook One range is priced the same.

Writing by Rik Henderson.