Sony has announced the PlayStation TV will release in the US and Canada next month. The set-top box will launch in Europe just one month later.

The PS TV, which first released in Japan and other countries, will allow you to access movies and TV shows from the PlayStation Store. It is expected to cost $99.99 when it lands in US retail stores on 14 October. A version that includes a wireless controller, 8GB memory card, and The Lego Movie videogame will cost $139.99.

You can anticipate about 700 games to be available for the PS TV, which is also considered a microconsole, including Metal Gear Solid and the franchise Killzone: Mercenary. There will even be some free titles available such as OlliOlli, Velocity Ultra, and Worms Revolution Extreme.

Although Sony didn't mention when it would launch its online TV service, Reuters noted the company will offer 22 Viacom channels, ranging from Comedy Central to MTV. Sony also told TechRadar the PS TV will release in Europe on 14 November but kept quiet on pricing.

The PS TV, originally called PlayStation Vita TV in Japan, debuted last autumn. Shaun Layden, president and CEO of Sony in America, told Recode in June that the set-top box was "on track" to unveil in the US and Europe this year.

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