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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has extended its PlayStation Now Open Beta phase in the US to include PlayStation 3. That means owners of PS3 consoles can now access the cloud gaming service like their PS4-touting peers.

PlayStation Now offers a wide variety of PS3 games to play without needing to download or install them, currently on a rental basis. It essentially streams video of the game being run remotely to a PS4 and now PS3, taking the controller codes back across the 'net the other way.


For the player, it is like playing the game locally, but is actually stored and run on hardware that could be many miles away.

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PS Now titles will soon include God of War: Ascension, the original inFamous and Ultra Street Fighter IV, and the entire list will be available for access through the PlayStation Store as part of the Open Beta.

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Prices have been criticised, but renting a game for a week at around $1 a day seems a reasonable compromise. Otherwise, renting a game for just four hours is pricey when a large number of the 150 plus titles available sit at $2.99.

Sony has promised that it is "still working towards a PS Now subscription options" though, and reminds users that it is still the Beta phase of the project.

It was revealed during Gamescom in Germany that the UK will be next to get PlayStation Now, in 2015, with a wider rollout happening after.

Writing by Rik Henderson.