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(Pocket-lint) - It was revealed yesterday that Electronic Arts was to launch its own game subscription service for the Xbox One called EA Access. It provides unrestricted access to a number of big games from the publisher, including Battlefield 4 and Madden NFL 25, for a flat monthly fee and is expected to launch in the US and Europe soon.

However, since the news was announced, PS4 owners have been wondering why they weren't going to be able to sign up to EA Access too. Why is it an Xbox exclusive? Has EA made a pact with Microsoft?

The answer to the latter question is no. It's not coming to the PS4 because Sony rejected the scheme because it didn't represent "good value".

Speaking to Game Informer, a Sony spokesman explained that Electronic Arts' proposition doesn't hold a candle to its own PS Plus service, yet costs almost the same per month. "We evaluated the EA Access subscription offering and decided that it does not bring the kind of value PlayStation customers have come to expect,” he said.

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"PlayStation Plus memberships are up more than 200 per cent since the launch of PlayStation 4, which shows that gamers are looking for memberships that offer a multitude of services, across various devices, for one low price.

"We don’t think asking our fans to pay an additional $5 a month for this EA-specific program represents good value to the PlayStation gamer."

So there you have it, Sony has poo-poohed the idea.

Instead, PS Plus offers at least one free PS4 game a month, access to the multiplayer functions of most games and discounts on Sony's online PlayStation Store.

Microsoft has had no such qualms in EA offering a secondary service to its own Xbox Live Gold service.

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