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(Pocket-lint) - Having already beaten the Xbox One in getting NOW TV a couple of weeks earlier, the PS4 will also get another new feature before its main rival. Sony plans to release an update that will add the ability to view 3D Blu-rays through the next generation console next week.

Microsoft's Major Nelson, Larry Hyrb revealed in a blog post last week that the Xbox One will get 3D Blu-ray support with its August update, and that seemingly has prompted Sony to act fast.

Sony is used to supporting 3D Blu-ray, considering that it has been a driver for the technology in the past. As well as compatible Blu-ray players, the feature was introduced to the PlayStation 3 in the early days of 3D. Some would say, when 3D was actually a buzzword and popular.

Since then, the technology has become less important to the consumer electronics industry, which prefers to push the Smart TV and Ultra HD 4K message rather than stereoscopic 3D. However, many consumers bought into the technology and many 3D movies have been sold since, so it's nice to see that they will be supported on modern kit.

Now all Sony and Microsoft have to do is add DLNA and local streaming support to their next-gen consoles and we'll all be happy. Probably.

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Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 24 July 2014.