Sony studios has announced that it will release a live action film adaptation of the game series Uncharted in June 2016.

One of the best things about Uncharted, apart from the action-adventure gameplay, is the character interactions and witty dialogue. It already feels like a film in its game format. Will the big screen enhance this or ruin it like most game-to-film adaptations?

No lead actor has been announced to play Drake yet, although the studios are reportedly in talks with Mark Wahlberg.

Seth Gordon is directing which means Sony is taking the laughs inclusion seriously as his career has been mainly comedies like Horrible Bosses, Park and Recreation, and Community.

Uncharted will be written by David Guggenheim who's also writing Bad Boys 3, another series famed for blending action and comedy. He previously wrote Safe House which did manage to squeeze a few laughs into an otherwise serious action film.

On the production side it's good news too with Charles Roven in the big seat, famed for the Dark Knight films, 12 Monkeys and Man of Steel.

The current plot description for the film, on IMDB, says: "A descendant of explorer Sir Francis Drake, a treasure hunter named Nathan Drake believes he has learned the whereabouts of El Dorado, the fabled South American golden city, from a cursed golden statue. The search becomes competitive when a rival hunter joins the fray."

Fingers crossed 10 June 2016 will bring a winner of a film that is at least as good as the Uncharted games.

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