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(Pocket-lint) - Sony's PlayStation Now cloud streaming game service has been in the works for a while. Testing has been taking place for PS3 and PS4 owners in the US and as of Monday that is going to extend to TVs.

That means owners of 2014 Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs and some 1080p models will be able to stream PlayStation games to play them directly on their TVs. The reason it's restricted to the latest TVs is likely an issue of processing power. It will also require gamers to plug in a DualShock 3 controller via USB.

So how much will people save? After buying the controller and subtracting the price of a console they've saved on, games will come in at between $3 and $20 to rent - a pretty cheap way to play then. And you save space on game box storage.

So this isn't quite the end of consoles just yet. But it shows the way Sony is going as its TVs get smarter and physical media begins to die out. Internet connections are only going to get even faster, meaning more processing can be done at Sony's servers, meaning TVs won't need to be much smarter before they're able to process PS4 games.

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Maybe now is the time to upgrade to a 4K TV after all? Especially as Breaking Bad is available on Netflix in 4K. Although the PlayStation Now streaming is US only for the time being.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 25 June 2014.