LucasArts' classic PC adventure game Grim Fandango is to be remade for an entirely new audience by original creator Tim Schafer, with Sony nabbing the exclusive for PS4 and the PS Vita.

The orginal game, which came out in 1998, is one of the most loved adventure titles and was seen as a masterwork in story telling. However, it was seen as a commercial failure at the time, not having sold as many copies as the hype would have suggested.

Pocket-lint for one though is more than happy to see its return and hope it starts a trend of other remade and remastered LucasArts adventure titles from yesteryear.

We've previously had remastered Secret of Monkey Island games - Telltale games (the publisher behind the critically adored The Walking Dead series and soon to unleash Game of Thrones adventure tie-ins) even published new episodes featuring Guybrush Threepwood. It also had success rejigging Sam and Max. But, to be absolutely honest, we'd give all that up in a flash for a remake of Day of The Tentacle and the prequel Maniac Mansion.

An actual release date for Grim Fandango on PS4 and PS Vita is yet to be revealed.