One of Sony's most loved franchises is due to make a return this Christmas. Little Big Planet is back for round three and this time it's the cooperative multiplayer action that sees the greatest boost.

Our hero Sackboy returns, complete with new powers such as the ability to climb and use his "pumpinator" - it's more like a leaf blower, nothing dodgy - to shift platforms out of the way. The world in Little Big Planet 3 also contains more layers of depth - areas to access in front and behind of the usual play arena.

But Sackboy is joined by three other key characters, each of whom has unique abilities that, combined, cater for up to four player multiplayer action.

There's Oddsock who can wall jump and is fast enough to move wheeled machinery; Toggle who is big and strong but, at the flick of a switch, can also be the smallest character and fit through small gaps; and Swoop, a cloth bird, who can fly in order to lift items out of the way.

Get friends in on the action and the combination of all four makes previously inaccessible areas possible to reach. Although, and rather amusingly, Pete Smith and the Media Module development team weren't particularly capable of playing through a level in front of a live audience - their mistakes made for an amusing watch nonetheless.

Graphically Little Big Planet 3 looks much the same as its predecessors, explained in part by its availability for PS3. The PS4 version will have "better graphics" it was revealed on stage, but to what capacity beyond resolution and frame rate we're not sure. But that's by the by: this is one quirky, cool looking game that we can't wait to play.

And it'll be here in a matter of months fans. Hoorah for LBP3.