Pocket-lint has teamed up with PlayStation to give you a chance to enjoy an evening of gaming and drinks at the Pocket-lint Tech Tavern in association with O2.

The event will see you given the chance to play the latest PS4 games and have fun with the Pocket-lint team on Monday 16 June at The Fable, 52 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2FD as London Technology Week kicks off in full force. 

enjoy a free night of ps4 gaming at the pocket lint tech tavern with o2 image 2

The event runs from 6pm to 9:30pm. 

Tickets are limited and on a first come first serve basis and expected to go quickly, so if you're keen to show us your gaming prowess, enjoy a pint of Meantime, and talk gaming and tech you can sign up via our Eventbrite page.

London Technology Week runs from 16-20 June, and in association with O2 we, here at Pocket-lint, are championing the fact with the Pocket-lint Tech Tavern.

If you can't make it to the PS4 night, you can come down have a drink and play with some cool gadgets from Google, LG, Olympus, Samsung, Sony and others, including Google Glass, some giant 4K TV sets and 3D printers. You'll also be able to speak to O2 Gurus about any tech questions you may have.

enjoy a free night of ps4 gaming at the pocket lint tech tavern with o2 image 3

We've got loads of events every day throughout the week between 12-4pm, and on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night starting from 6pm.

For London Technology Week, Pocket-lint and the O2 gurus will be working from The Fable at 52 Holborn Viaduct, London, EC1A 2FD and we would love to see you there.