Sony will finally be able to sell a games console in China again after the company signed two joint ventures with Shanghai Oriental Pearl that will also benefit the Chinese gaming industry.

Sales of games consoles in china were banned in 2000 by the government, which cited their adverse effect on the mental health of young people. However, it overturned that decision in January in an aim to attract business back to the country.

Microsoft had already announced plans to sell the Xbox One in China, in partnership with local company BesTV New Media, a month ago. Sony's entry to the market will expand the rivals battles for next-generation gaming dominance - currently led by the PS4 worldwide.

The former issues the Chinese government had on gaming's effect on its population will be addressed by Sony and its new partner in the region. A Shanghai Oriental Pearl executive explained that there will be new games developed in China that will suit government guidelines. "The joint venture will be based on the relevant state policies and will introduce quality and healthy video games that will adhere to China's national conditions as well as the tastes of Chinese gamers," he said.

"Sony will also co-operate with domestic game development teams to promote original products on Playstation platform, while further improving the Chinese gaming industry."

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