The new, slimmer version of the PS Vita will be released in the US on 6 May as part of a package that includes the portable version of Borderlands 2.

It will mark the first time the PS Vita Slim will be available in the States. It has 1GB of internal storage, so you don't require a Vita memory card to be able to play physical copies of games, unlike the original Vita. However, an 8GB memory card is included in the pack for good measure.

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Naturally, a copy of Borderlands 2 will be included in the $199.99 price tag, which will also be released separately a week later, on 11 May, for those who already own the portable console.

The Vita version of the much-lauded first-person shooter will come with six DLC packs, including the add-on campaigns Captain Scarlet and Her Pirate's Booty and Mr Torgue's Campaign of Carnage. The game will also be cross-save compatible with the PS3 version, so you can pick up and play on whether you are at home or on your travels.

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