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(Pocket-lint) - Ben Heck has busted open a PlayStation4 controller and hacked it for single-handed use by adding 3D-printed parts.

Benjamin Heckendorn, better known as Ben Heck, is a video game console modder and YouTube and Podcast internet celebrity. He gained notoriety a few years ago after developing a one-handed controller for the Xbox 360. Specifically, he took an actual Xbox 360 controller, then placed the Y, B, X, A, and trigger buttons on the underside, moved the right bumper vertically and opposite of the left bumper, and added the right analog stick to the bottom and reversed wired it.

watch modder ben heck hack a ps4 controller for single handed gaming includes 3d printed parts image 2

He then donated his creation to the Able Gamers Foundation, a charity that makes video games more accessible to disabled persons. Heck also created a single-handed Xbox One controller - and now he has done the same for the PS4. In the video below, posted to Heck's YouTube channel, you can watch him tear apart a DualShock 4 controller, all with the hopes of creating a custom PS4 controller for single-handed gamers. Heck called his newly-modded controller the Accessibility Controller for PS4.

You can currently purchase custom and single-handed controllers from Heck's website, though he described the hacking process as "very labor intensive" and therefore charges approximately $350 for each job. He also sells modded Xbox 360 laptops, portable Nintendo 64s, and a NES Micro, each of which cost about $125 an hour to build. You can read more about his fees and servies on his website.

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Heck plans to donate at least one single-handed PS4 controller to an element14 community viewer, according to GameSpot. For more information about how Heck created the Accessibility Controller, check out the video above. He even shows ambitious DIY viewers how to fine solder controller innards, as well as hot-glue 3D-printed parts, and reassemble left buttons onto the right side. It all looks super complex but super interesting at the same time.

Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 21 March 2014.