Sony is to push a software update to PlayStation 4 within the "coming weeks" that will bring a few much-requested features to the next-generation console.

As a result of gamer feedback, much of the forthcoming update will be dedicated to the sharing functionality. For a start, Sony will add the ability to save games video or screengrabs to an external USB stick or hard drive. At present, the Share button will capture the last 15 minutes of gameplay footage or take a grab, but you can only share video to Facebook or screenshots to Facebook or Twitter.

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The update will also introduce new editing functionality, with a rich video editor available to personalise clips. Plus, if you want to record longer or Full HD 1080p video, you will also be able to switch the HDCP copy protection over HDMI off in order to capture live footage using an external capture card or device.

Another update in the future will also add 720p broadcasting on Twitch and Ustream and an archiving feature for storing previously live gaming broadcasts.