Killzone Shadow Fall is, in the words of our own Rik Henderson: "Absolutely gorgeous visually - the best looking game on the PS4 at launch by far." This is largely thanks to it running at native 1080p and 60fps. But there's been outrage in the gaming community about this not being the case in multiplayer. Now the game's developers have responded.

The issue arose with multiplayer mode which didn't appear to run at full 1080p and 60fps natively. The native resolution drops and the frame rate is nearer to 30fps than 60fps.

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Guerilla Games, the developer behind the title, has issued a response: "Killzone Shadow Fall's single and multiplayer modes both run at 1080p," it claims.

"In both SP and MP, Killzone Shadow Fall outputs a full, unscaled 1080p image at up to 60fps. Native is often used to indicate images that are not scaled; it is native by that definition.

"In multiplayer mode, however, we use a technique called 'temporal reproduction,' which combines pixels and motion vectors from multiple lower-resolution frames to reconstruct a full 1080p image. If native means that every part of the pipeline is 1080p then this technique is not native."

The post then goes on to explain variations in lighting resolution in other games that also claim to be full 1080p. It then apologises saying: "We will do our best to be more precise with our language in the future."

So while the multiplayer mode isn't true native 1080p at 60fps, the single player mode is. We were hugely impressed with the game's graphical performance, especially considering this is one of the first titles out on the PS4. Imagine the potential for future games once developers unlock all the power of the PS4.