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(Pocket-lint) - Both Microsoft and Sony are touting numbers for January's next-generation console sales in the US, but Sony has come out the real winner.

Sony has sold more of it's PlayStation 4 units than Microsoft has sold of it's Xbox One units, according to numbers from NDP. Neither the research firm nor Sony is providing official numbers behind the claim, but Sony says its PlayStation 4 sales doubled the Xbox One's during the month of January in the US.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is bragging about the IDC numbers when it comes to gameplay. The Redmond-based company says there have been 2.27 million Xbox One and Xbox 360 games sold during the month, with US customers buying 2.7 games per console, where PlayStation game sales were lower.

Microsoft is claiming "740 million hours of fun" were completed on the Xbox One across games, apps, and television since its launch. Users have used 685 million speech commands to navigate the Xbox One, including 20 million commands of "Xbox, Record That".

Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360 and Xbox One), Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft were the top-selling games for the Xbox platform. Since launch of the console, over 2.6 billion global Gamerscore has been achieved, 165 million global achievements have been unlocked, and 130 million global Game DVR clips have been uploaded, Microsoft says.

On Tuesday, video game research firm DFC Intelligence forecasted PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will sell each 100 million units, which would mark the first time two competing systems hit that milestone. Nintendo's Wii console was the only last-generation console to surpass 100 million units sold.

The IDC numbers on Friday further revealed Nintendo 3DS and Wii U increased by six and 26 per cent respectively, year on year.

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 14 February 2014.