Sony's PS4 has been out since late November in the UK and now it's had a price cut. The console has been reduced by £20, to undercut the Xbox One even more.

GameStop is currently offering the PS4 in a solo pack, including the console and a controller, for £329.97. That's £20 off the price anywhere else. It might not be a huge amount but it's enough to put towards a new game or second controller.

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Microsoft is currently selling the Xbox One at a starting price of £430. But last month Zavvi cut that price to £410, and that's still available. So this new PS4 price might catch on and be offered elsewhere too.

But with the PS4 currently outselling the Xbox One this further price reduction might make competition even fiercer. This is a good thing for buyers as it can only drive the price down further. And with Titanfall coming soon it might be time to upgrade to next-gen for an even better graphical experience.

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