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(Pocket-lint) - Sony Music Unlimited is looking to add access to its music streaming service in games on the PS4.

Pocket-lint spoke to Anu Kirk, the director of music service at Sony Network Entertainment, who said future plans involve more complex integration of Sony Music Unlimited and gaming on the PS4.

Currently Sony Music Unlimited can be played and accessed during gaming using the overlay PS4 menu, but the potential is that games themselves will offer options for subscribers to access tracks for gameplay moments. Think GTA V and swapping the radio for your own playlist. Or a WWE game where you have tens of thousands of tracks to use as your wrestler's entrance theme.

Although Kirk didn't specifically reveal details on the crossover of Music Unlimited and PS4 gaming, he did confirm to us exclusively that the company is considering it. "We're looking at ways to add more integration for gamers on that platform in the near future," he said. "It would be silly for us not to look at more close integration of gaming and the Sony Music Unlimited service."

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Another obvious step forward with integration would involve sharing. Imagine joining a level and being given playlists your friends have enjoyed, or perhaps playlists of musicians who also enjoy the game. To take it another step you could, technically, have an uploaded audio guide to the level which plays in the background as you progress through. These are just some more suggestions we'd like to see. Or hear.

Sony Music Unlimited saw a healthy spike in use when the PS4 launched, with over 7 million hours of music streamed since then. Kirk said: "The usage has exceeded our expectations. The business has more than doubled in subscriber growth and we've sustained that momentum."

When asked if Sony Music Unlimited would ever offer higher quality than 320kbps, he said: "Higher than 320 is probably not going to happen for quite some time."

Sony is launching the PS4 in Japan soon and Sony Music Unlimited is expected to grow hugely as a result.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 12 February 2014.