A games controller made for quadriplegics has appeared on Kickstarter with the name QuadStick.

The QuadStick uses a single joystick with four sip-and-puff sensors, a lip position sensor and push switch, that allow users complex controls using just their mouths.

These inputs are all run through a 32-bit ARM processor which outputs to USB and Bluetooth. That means it can work with PCs, Android devices, PS3, and with the right adapter Xbox One and 360 also.

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The QuadStick is configurable, allowing each input to be set as a certain button, with several pre-arranged options available. Modes can be shifted to control the left analogue stick, D-pad or mouse cursor. Voice controls can also be used with third-party voice recognition software like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

At the time of publishing, the $10,000 Kickstarter goal is still quite far off with $4,415 contributed so far. But it's only just started so there's still plenty of time left.