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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has updated its PlayStation App for iPhone and Android. The PS4 companion application has received a few stability improvements and couple of minor feature tweaks have been added, but the main change is that you can now view Ustream and Twitch feeds on your phone.

The Live from PlayStation feature, which now appears as a button on your of your in-app PSN homepage, offers connection to all the live streams currently available on the service. You will be able to watch other players walkthrough games, just like you can on the PS4 itself. There is also the ability to interact.

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Streams can be filtered to just those hosted on Twitch, on Ustream or to find video that offers viewer interaction. Unfortunately, when you click on a Twitch feed, it will only take you to a browser page at the moment. Even if you have the Twitch app, the PlayStation App does not spark it up. The same is true with Ustream on iPhone, although there are reports that it works with the dedicated app on Android.

Other minor changes include the ability to playback video in notifications from the PS Store. These will appear in the "What's New" section. And the app will no longer automatically connect to a PS4 system that is in standby mode.

The PlayStation App is available to download now from Google Play and the iTunes App Store for their respective platforms.

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