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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has started to send out confirmation links and instructions to those chosen to gain access to the PlayStation Now beta phase. The full service will go live in the US in the summer, but the lucky few gain "exclusive access" now.

They will have to provide feedback to the PlayStation team though, so there is some element of having to earn access. The lucky few will also require at least 5Mbps broadband, so if that's not you then you shouldn't feel left out.

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Neogaf also reports that the invitations so far seem to be limited to Los Angeles and Washington DC, restricting the pool somewhat. A UK trial is not planned and the service isn't even expected to launch on British shores until 2015.

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PlayStation Now is Sony's cloud game streaming service. Initially, it will offer large libraries of PS3 games to play over the internet, with the game video and audio streamed to your device - a PS3 or PS4 to begin with, other devices including Sony Smart TVs to follow - and your commands and controls sent back the other way. There will be both subscription and pay as you play rental options, but these are yet to be detailed.

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