Xboxie and Sonyfied are two inspired ideas that allow next-gen Xbox One and PS4 owners to play online games through their console's browser. This means plenty of free HTML5 games are already available.

Some big name games you can enjoy on your next-gen console include Pac Man, Cut the Rope and Bejeweled. You can visit the sites now, to play the games from your computer, but doing it from your console is an inspired idea.

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Both Xboxie and Sonyfeid are basically the same, but tailored for each console. The games appear to work well and are free, except for a few adverts dotted about.

At the moment controls are limited to the consoles' gaming pads. But we like the potential these platforms create. Using the DualShock 4 touchpad, or Kinect for gesture controls, could be a great way of taking advantage of the myriad touch-focused games already out there for mobiles and tablets.

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These sites were created by a Reddit user going by the name of CitadelSaint. We'll be watching his progress very closely.