Sony has just announced, from CES 2014, its PlayStation Now gaming service that aims to take all gaming to the cloud.

With Valve launching an onslaught with 12 Steam Machine systems unveiled at CES, Sony appears to be responding by taking to the cloud too. This way games can be accessible from multiple locations, other than your console.

Sony will launch a closed beta in the United States at the end of the month, and plans to roll out the service more broadly by the end of this summer.

This appears to be what Sony is doing with cloud-based gaming service Gaikai which it bought last month.

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Like OnLive, the service will allow access to games run from remote servers. For a subscription fee, players will be able choose any they like and play them without having to install them locally. This way, Sony's enormous back catalogue of games could be available for a flat monthly fee. And although you won't be able to play the actual disc copies you've accrued over the years on a PS4, you will be able to play a cloud-based equivalent.