We have to admit, when we heard that Microsoft sold three million Xbox Ones by the end of last year we were impressed. Indeed, it seemed that the next-generation console battle was closer than we realised.

However, Sony CEO Andrew House has blown that figure out of the water during his keynote speech at the opening of the show days of CES 2014. The Xbox One may have performed well, the PS4 performed better. Almost 50 per cent better.

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House revealed that the company sold 4.2 million PS4 consoles by 28 December. As reported on Sony Electronic's American Twitter feed, the final figure for the year was double the previously announced total of 2.1 million, which the PlayStation division achieved in the first two weeks of the PS4  going  on sale.

That's not to say the next-generation console war is finished. Far from it. Xbox One has some excellent titles coming up in the next few months, including the much-anticipated Titanfall - an exclusive to Xbox and Windows. We may see sales figure fluctuate as triple-A titles reach the shops.

Sony will be pleased with how things are going though. Very pleased indeed.