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(Pocket-lint) - The PlayStation 4 was the "highest-selling" console and the Xbox One the "fastest-selling" console during November, according to US numbers from research firm NPD. 

It wasn't revealed how many PlayStation 4 consoles were sold in the US specifically during the month to back up the "high-selling" claim. Microsoft, on the other hand, revealed 909,132 Xbox One units were sold in the US during the console's first nine days, with more than 101,000 consoles being sold a day. 

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Looking at global sales, it appears Sony has a small lead. Sony beat Microsoft to the punch on 2 December, reporting the sale of 2.1 million consoles in the two weeks since its North American launch on 15 November. On 11 December Microsoft announced the sale of 2 million consoles. 

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It's worth noting that the PlayStation 4 went on sale on 15 November, while the Xbox One went on sale on 22 November. Obviously, both Sony and Microsoft are trying to spin the numbers in their favour. It's really hard to tell which console is selling better given the difference in timing of launch.

To give a sense of next-generation console performance in the UK, Chart Track, the UK games industry tracking company, suggested that the Xbox One sold 150,000 units and the PlayStation 4 sold 250,000 in the UK in just 48 hours. 

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The December numbers will be the real teller. 

Writing by Jake Smith.