UK high street retailer Game has invented a way for new PS4 and Xbox One owners to carry on playing through Christmas Day without having to stop for a massive meal. The Christmas Tinner is an entire Christmas meal in a can.

The top layer is scrambled egg and bacon to represent breakfast, then there is a layer of two mince pies. They are followed by turkey and potatoes, then gravy, bread sauce and the essential cranberry sauce.

game invents christmas tinner a christmas meal in a can so you can keep playing ps4 or xbox one image 2

Brussel sprouts or broccoli - for those who can't stand the wee green cabbages - and stuffing is next, with a roast carrot and parsnip layer to finish off the main course. The bottom of the can is filled with Christmas pudding.

We really hope that Game didn't subject any poor members of staff to try the Christmas Tinner. And if it did, we really hope that they'll be out of hospital in time for the real festivities. Either way, it does go down as one of the funnier PR stunts this Christmas so we've got to hand it to Game for that.