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(Pocket-lint) - Although we actually like the design of the PlayStation 4, we don't think it will take long for some excellent mods and decals from accessory manufacturers to come along and give us consoles that are more personal. And we hope that the latter will consider making some add-on plastic stickers that can help decorate our PS4s to look like the concept art created by @_PhantomFighter.

Taking his design inspirations from the Atari VCS (otherwise known as the Atari 2600) games machine from the 70s, his Photoshop transformation of the new console is quite staggering. Adding faux teak panelling at the front and some of the Atari aesthetics would have us sitting our consoles on top of rather than inside our AV cabinets for sure.

And we particularly love the extra touch of colouring the DualShock 4's buttons in the red found on the iconic old Atari joystick.

It also makes us lovingly remember the craze surrounding removable fascias on the original Xbox 360. Microsoft even released an official teak-styled one back then. And we loved our mod symbol cover, until it was hampered somewhat by some new red rings, signifying the death of the machine.

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Then there were the custom Jamie Hewlett/Gorillaz designs that were handed out to the press at the time. We wonder how much they'd fetch on eBay these days?

Writing by Rik Henderson.