Sony has just announced that it will be deactivating some of the features on PSN from Friday 29 November to survive the PS4 launch rush.

After already launching the PS4 in the US Sony says it plans to avoid any PSN failures this time by removing some features. That way when the predicted rush of users hits the servers on PS4 launch day tomorrow, PSN will be able to function smoothly.

The features being disabled are What’s New, used to discover and engage with friends’ PS4 activity, and the Content Information Screen, used to see friends’ activity related specifically to the title you’re looking at.

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So it’s not a huge loss at launch, for the sake of functionality. And Sony assures everyone that PSN will be back to full form after a few days when the launch madness has calmed down.

Sony is probably accounting for the number of consoles sold in the US on Black Friday also increasing the number of users online.

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