It looks as though a few lucky people will be getting their hands on a PlayStation 4 one day early.

Sony's PS4 is set to release publicly on Friday, but parcel services are supposedly sending dispatch/delivery notifications for Thursday. If these notifications are valid, gamers who pre-ordered could get their hands on the next-generation console an entire 24 hours before everyone else.

A quick Twitter search reveals that there are dozens of people tweeting about these notifications, though most of them are UK-based, and all of them claim to have received word that their PS4 will arrive on 28 November (rather than 29 November, the PS4's official launch date in Europe).

"Just got my delivery confirmation for my PS4 for TOMORROW. Machine is so fast, it can play games the day before it's released," tweeted Colin Whiteside (@spacehost) on Wednesday.

Many of these tweets also mention DPD, a major provider of parcel services in the UK and Europe. According to the tweets, DPD is alerting many people in the UK that their parcel has been dispatched for next-day delivery. The parcels of course contain PS4s. 

For instance, Rob Mason (@surekill) tweeted the following on Wednesday: "Just got my DPD dispatch notification for my PS4 telling me it’s due for delivery tomorrow. Sadly I can’t see that happening.." 

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We've contacted DPD to see if there is a glitch with their system, and we'll update when more information becomes available. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below if a different parcel service is sending you premature dispatch/delivery notifications.