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(Pocket-lint) - The Sony PS4 has been the subject of some bad coverage lately, as early adopters who have had units ahead of the official release received consoles that bricked with that dreaded blue light of death.

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Shuhei Yoshida tweeted: "Be assured we are investigating reported PS4 issues. The number is very small compared to shipped, we believe they are isolated incidents." Then we heard nothing more. Now Sony has addressed the issue futher.

In a Bloomberg interview Sony's Satoshi Nakajima said: "There have been several issues reported, which leads us to believe there isn’t a singular problem that could impact a broader percentage of PS4 units."

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He then went on to say they believe units were damaged in transport. That old chestnut. Sony also claims the issue is affecting only a small number of units, one per cent. But it’s still investigating the issue. In the meantime anyone with a faulty unit will be sent a replacement by expedited shipping. Let’s hope faster shipping doesn’t mean more damaged units.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.