(Pocket-lint) - Sony has pushed a further update to its PS4 launch system software. Version 1.51 is available to all PS4 owners - those in the US, basically.

It is described as a minor, required update and its primary purpose is to improve the stability of the system software. In addition, there are minor refinements to elements of the system user interface, such as indicating when a user downloads a game and game patch at the same time.

The system software should download by itself if you have left the automatic download and game update option on its default setting. It may already have done so on your machine. You will need to set it to install when you have a spare moment.

The download is 323MB so could take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection. We found that it took anywhere up to an hour on the Pocket-lint test PS4 which could also be attributed to the servers at Sony's end being overloaded with update requests.

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Owners in the UK will no doubt get the updated version - or any other that might be released in the next week and a half - as the initial system software update that's required when they first start their machine.

Writing by Rik Henderson.