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(Pocket-lint) - Console tinkerers rejoice, the scores are in from the PS4 teardown and it’s looking good. iFixit has awarded the next-gen console a healthy 8 points out of a potential 10, meaning opening it up and modifying or fixing the console shouldn’t be difficult for anybody.

One of the great things about the PS4 - and often a big problem with mobiles - is glue: there’s none of it to worry about. That means taking about the big black box is easy thanks to a screw-based system.

Another great thing is the non-proprietary hard drive which is easy to access and replace. On top of that replacing it won’t even void your warranty. Although we discovered in a recent feature that the 2.5-inch drive you put in will need to be 9.5mm in height and no larger. With many drives coming in at 15mm this does limit you a little.

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There are a few security screws and tamper evident seals which can make dismantling the PS4 a little more difficult than it could be, says iFixit. The fan in particular is tough to access for cleaning and even more of a challenge to replace. The last negative is a sharp mid-plane which could cause you finger damage if you’re not careful when dismantling the console.

So on the whole changing your hard drive to upgrade space isn’t too hard and basic repairs shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Well done Sony.

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