(Pocket-lint) - If, like us, you’re enjoying GTA V but all the while missing The Last of Us, all is not lost. A DLC called The Last of Us: Left Behind has just been announced to keep us going.

The single-player DLC add-on will be arriving early next year along with Unchartered for the PS4. From the trailer it looks like it’s focused on Ellie and another young girl character called Riley. They were best friends back at the military boarding school where they grew up.

Left Behind follows on from a Dark Horse comic called The Last of Us: American Dream TBD which is set 19 years after the outbreak, but before the original game. The story is of Ellie’s first break out from her military school into the infected world. She and her friend Riley earn new enemies on their escape.

Judging from the creepy xylophone music in the trailer and the fairground ride it looks like this pack will focus on a younger Ellie. For that reason we’re expecting a lot more creeping around and more of a horror style than the blasting options you were often given in The Last of US.

At the moment the DLC is priced at $15 (£9.33) on the US site and can be pre-ordered from 19 November. But there is no mention of it elsewhere in the world. The Last of Us: American Dream TBD comic is priced at $17 and can be bought now.

Writing by Luke Edwards.