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(Pocket-lint) - Sony just confirmed there's yet another feature that won't be available at launch for the PlayStation 4 - and that's the ability to play 3D Blu-ray movies.

The console's current online user guide features a list of discs that will not be supported by the PS4. We already knew from Sony's FAQ dump that the next-generation machine would not playback MP3 or CD music content, but this new guide has revealed it won't support 3D Blu-ray movies either.

Not to worry, though. It seems the capability is not available at launch but soon will be supported by the system. This delayed approach echoes many reports thus far about various PS4 features not being available at launch or requiring a day-one update

In fact, Sony has said the PS4 will require a critical software update on launch day for a bevy of features to work, including standard DVD and Blu-ray play.

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Sony has issued the following statement about 3D Blu-ray movie support: "Technically, the PS4 system supports 3D gameplay at launch on day one, though no launch titles are currently 3D compatible. 3D Blu-ray movies will not be compatible at launch."

Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, also replied to a question on Twitter yesterday, clarifying again that the PS4 does not support 3D Blu-rays. His response: "Not at launch, sorry."

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Not supporting 3D Blu-ray movies at launch seems strange for a company that is knee-deep into the technology, having previously published or backed 3D films, 3D Blu-rays and 3D-compatible games. Also, as Eurogamer noted, it's especially odd since there's no technical reason why PS4 couldn't support 3D Blu-rays.

The PS4 goes on sale in the US on 15 November for $399. The UK release date is 29 November, with the console costing £349.

Writing by Elyse Betters.