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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has launched its PlayStation 4 advertising campaign for regions outside of the US in time to build up hype before the launch of the console in the UK, Europe and other countries on 29 November.

Called "For the Players", the TV advert has been posted on YouTube before its television debut in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and the Middle East. Agency 180 Amsterdam has also included online experiences, print adverts and online teasers in its campaign, but its the main video that will be of most interest to avid gamers.

It stars a number of key games characters and themes, with many of the most famous PlayStation-related heroes and villains. Players are also tasked with finding 50 of the included "Easter Eggs" in an online version of the film.

We'll give you a couple of answers to set you on your way. Ryu from the Street Fighter franchise is driving the taxi, and you're saved at one point by Watch Dogs' Aiden Pearce. Sadly, the latter hasn't made it on to the launch roster, with Ubisoft delaying the game until 2014.

DriveClub, another game that will appear in the launch window but not on day one, also features. Let's see how many more you can get.

A microsite will soon launch that will reveal more information about the entire theme at playstation.com/4theplayers.

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We have to admit that we prefer the UK one to the US Perfect Day PS4 advert, even though it turned out to be poignant considering the death of Lou Reed soon after it was shown for the first time.

Writing by Rik Henderson.