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(Pocket-lint) - UPDATE: Pocket-lint has now received the official pictures of the final PlayStation-modified OXO Tower as it looks this evening. Interestingly, Jonathan Ross attended a celeb-packed launch event inside. Isn't he an executive producer for the Xbox One? Hmmm...

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On the eve of the PS4's launch in the US, Sony Computer Entertainment in the UK is preparing for the country's subsequent release on 29 November with several events and stunts, including decking out one of London's famous landmarks, the OXO Tower, with the brand's trademark shape symbols.

sony planning cunning launch stunts for ps4 in uk customises oxo tower update  image 10

Posted on @PSAccess's Twitter feed, the company teases with the question, "Are those the PlayStation symbols going up on the OXO Tower in London?" A picture is also attached, which shows workmen placing some specially designed to match alternative signs. Normally, the OXO Tower has, you guessed it, "OXO" written on each side.

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Whether a launch event or other shenanigans are going to go on in the venue are yet to be revealed. It might just be planning to take over a selection of landmarks with some subtle aesthetics. Although tweeted about them during and after could hardly be called subtle, we suppose.

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In addition to the OXO Tower stunt, Sony is inviting members of the public to a dedicated PlayStation 4 lounge in Covent Garden, London, which will open its doors tomorrow, 15 November, and stay open until 1 December for those who want to try out the console over the next couple of weeks. Details are available on a designated Facebook page at facebook.com/playstation4lounge.

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Later in the day@emeka_njodi tweeted a picture of the finished OXO Tower. "Nicely done @PlayStationEU," he wrote.

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