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(Pocket-lint) - UPDATE: Shuhei Yoshida has just tweeted: "Be assured we are investigating reported PS4 issues. The number is very small compared to shipped, we believe they are isolated incidents."

A lucky few have been given Sony’s PS4 ahead of time. Like old Francis here. But despite being happy on receiving the next-gen console, there has been a price to pay for early adoption - faulty consoles.

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The first report, from NeoGaf user Dylx says updating the console caused the light bar to turn white before bricking the new PS4.

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“After playing a brief game of NBA 2K14 I quit and inserted my Battlefield 4 disc. The system prompted for an update, so while watching the progress bar (around 20 per cent) my controller light turned from blue to white. Hasn't worked since.”

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He is now being sent a replacement unit by Sony. Another report came from Reddit user Arogon who got his unit early from the Taco Bell promotion.

“Sooo I can't get the PS4 to work. Definitely feels like I got shipped a broken version. I am investigating the issue.” He then posted later on: “Sony is refusing support since console hasn't launched”.

We thought that perhaps these issues were forgivable as Sony could be using them to learn from mistakes so the console is perfect for launch. But if it’s not supporting users then maybe we gave the company too much credit. Sony did later say call back on Black Friday, when the PS4 is released, so perhaps it is simply stalling until a fix is created.

Another Reddit user, YearsofLove, was shipped a faulty unit and reported Sony was helpful and has sent him a replacement.

So if you’re on the fence about which console to buy and are leaning towards the PS4, you had better be prepared as you might just get a dud in the box.

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