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(Pocket-lint) - So, you're desperate to get a PS4 before its release in the UK and you just so happen to be visiting the US between 15 and 29 November? Well, if you take along a spare suitcase your luck is in as it has been shown that the box fits almost exactly inside standard carry-on luggage.

Posted by Joystiq's news editor Alexander Sliwinski, a picture of exactly that shows just how snug it sits inside. It's almost as if they want you to import one on your way home. "Getting a PS4 for Thanksgiving or Xmas & travelling?," he wrote. "I can confirm the PS4 does fit in standard carry-on suitcase."

Sliwinski was referring to those travelling across the US, not abroad, but it still applies.

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Unfortunately, there are a few hurdles you'll have to leap. First, while the PS4 is cheaper in the States - $399 equating to around £250 in current exchange rates (not including local US taxes), rather than the £349 in the UK - you will have to add a US to UK stepdown power converter to the mix. They can add anywhere from £10 to £50 to the bill depending how much you want to trust them with your new pride and joy.

And second, you'll have to find one. Even a conservative estimate is that they will all be sold out in one day as stock levels will have been eaten into greatly by the overwhelming wealth of pre-orders. In fact, the second wave of consoles might not arrive until the UK version goes on sale anyway, which sort of defeats the object.

And finally, although you will be able to play UK games on a new US PS4, as it is region-free, that might not apply to Blu-ray and DVD movies. Many of those are still region locked by the studios and the much-discussed day one Blu-ray update patch will no doubt lock your console to its specific region for movie playback.

Still, you'll be able to brag to your mates. And with no import duty on video games consoles, you won't feel like a criminal wheeling it through Customs.

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